Lee’s Liquor Lounge, Honkytonk Outfitted With FBT

ProSound Web’s article about Allied Productions & Sales install for the historic watering hole, Lee’s Liquor Lounge.

When Craig Kruckeberg purchased a Minneapolis honkytonk in a building that was built in the 1800s, he faced a few challenges that would have stumped a lot of professionals. Thanks to FBT and Dave Bartholomew, sales manager and project manager of Allied Productions & Sales, a sound system didn’t have to be one of them.

Picture from Lee's Liquor Lounge website.

Picture from Lee’s Liquor Lounge website.

Bartholomew, who has been in the audio business for over thirty years, says there were plenty of other reasons why he and his lead installation tech and rigger, Cody Anderson, chose FBT for the job.

“When you consider the bang for the buck… FBT is way better than any other product I’ve found. It gets tremendous output and the sound is impeccable. It’s louder than other brands, but it’s also more efficient. With the high SPL rating that they have, what their equipment will do at 500 watts, it takes other manufacturers 700 or 800 watts to get to that same level. The best thing is, though, when you read FBT’s specs, they’re spot-on accurate. Here in the states, a lot of brands seem to want to throw a lot of numbers around that don’t necessarily mean anything. They’ll always put what the peak output is instead of the RMS or the continuous rate, which is more useful.”