DJ Mike Sanchez takes his shows to the next level with Muse 210lLA loudspeakers and Q118SA subwoofers.

ProSound Web, the world’s largest web community for all aspects of the professional audio industry spotlights DJ Mike Sanchez and his recent experience with FBT , Italian Speaker Imports, and it’s president John Krupa.

“My story is kind of funny,” said Sanchez. “Brian introduced me to John, who was busy with some bigger fish – you know, bigger clients than me – but he took the time to work with me and within a week I was placing my order…”

DJ Mike Events, offers fully produced shows, complete with live bands or orchestras; stellar, computerized concert lighting; trussing systems; and DJs skilled at keeping crowds moving through any affair.

“We tried the speakers with the regular settings,” he said, “and they were definitely punchy. But I really wanted to push them to the limit to see what they could do. I knew I’d really want them pumping at an event, so we ran all four bases on the INFRA setting on the back and totally pushed the volume – Well the roof of the place was liquidating. We could have broken it down yet, at the same time, the sound was so crisp and focused…”