Italian Speaker Imports Finds New Home

Italian Speaker Imports (I.S.I. / FBT USA) announced its move to a new location in Bedford Hills, N.Y. this week. The larger facility brings all of its administrative offices and inventory together under one roof, solidifying an even stronger customer experience than the company had already developed a reputation for. I.S.I. is the exclusive distributor of FBT, JTS and Bespeco, and is a partner with APE Labs.

John Krupa, President and owner of I.S.I., mentioned consolidation and productivity as the drivers behind the move into their new 3,000 square-foot space. Growth was cited as the catalyst behind it all.

“With our sales growing every day, we needed a larger space to not just house our inventory, but also to ensure that we could have a bird’s eye view of that inventory, at a moment’s notice, on our own,” said Krupa. “Our administrative offices and warehouses were previously situated in completely different locations. While we’re maintaining one warehouse in New Jersey for some larger products, most of our inventory is now in one convenient space, located right off of a major highway, on an industrial road which allows for larger and more frequent truck shipments and deliveries. Ultimately, all of this means we’re able to give our clients even faster answers – and results – when they need our products and assistance.”

I.S.I. was established in 2014, and has been growing, annually. Office Manager, Amber Miller credits the company’s commitment to distributing quality, Italian-made products and Krupa’s unusual commitment to personalized customer service as the reason. Clients seem to agree.

“When we’re talking about competitors in our market,” said Mike Brown, President and CEO of M & M Productions USA, “I tell people all the time: Anybody can go buy audio visual equipment and do a show for you. The difference between one company and another is the people ‘in’ that company, and the customer service they’ll provide to you. M&M Productions is all about quality and service. We love dealing with everyone at Italian Speaker Imports because they have the same philosophy we do. John Krupa, the owner, has an incredible reputation in our industry and when you work with him you see why pretty fast. The ongoing level of personal attention and the desire to make sure you have everything you need for an event to be successful is pretty amazing. You’re dealing with an outstanding Italian product, but because you have someone so dedicated here in the states, everything runs that much more smoothly. FBT, John and his company have just blown us away compared to other big name brands we’ve used prior to this. You can have the best speaker product in the world, but you’ve got to have the people to sell it, support it and stand by the product – At Italian Speaker Imports, they do.”


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