In New Restaurant, Food, Art and FBT Go Hand In Hand

New York City is a foodie’s haven, and with thousands of restaurants to choose from, restaurateurs go to great lengths to offer a unique dining experience to their patrons. One such restaurant, set to open this spring, is Seawalk. Specializing in seafood and American cuisine, the restaurant will offer guests a top-notch culinary experience but, thanks to Aldo Ferraira and Stanley Ferrand, co-owners of Modest Technology, guests will also enjoy lighting that is artfully synchronized with an FBT sound system, making a meal there a multi-sensory experience.

“When we were asked to provide a sound system for Seawalk, we faced a challenge,” said Ferraira. “We needed to fill out the dining space with reliable sound, but we also needed to use speakers that were attractive – that matched the designer look of the restaurant. After a lot of research we decided on FBT. Their immersive sound is simply amazing but, equally important, they have a lean designer look that works with the environment of the restaurant.”

Ferraira and Ferrand used 18 J5 white speakers, spaced at eight-foot intervals around the venue, with three CLA208 subwoofers

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